How We Make Banners at Signarama

With today’s modern, large format printers, creating full colour banners is easier than ever. Banners are very popular because they are inexpensive, portable and easy to install.

Here is how we make banners at Signarama Dixie

  • Select A Banner Material

Vinyl Banner – This is our standard banner material.  It is very durable and suitable for outdoor use. The material is heavy, air does not pass through it and it does not absorb water.

Mesh Banner (perforated) – This banner material contains a grid of tiny holes which allows air and light to pass through. This material is suitable for large outdoor banners.

High Resolution Banner – This  is a double-sided banner material with a smooth surface that allows for high resolution printing. This material is suitable for banner stands and trade show events.

  • Print the Graphics

Our commercial grade 96″ wide printer will print your banner graphic directly onto the banner material. We use ink that is suitable for outdoor use when dry. No lamination is necessary.

  • Trim the Banner

After we removed the printed banner from the printer, we trim away the excess material so that your banner is the size that you specified.

  • Add Reinforcements & Grommets

The final step is to add grommets to the banner for hanging. To do this we reinforce the parts of the banner where the grommets will be placed. We place pieces of medical grade tape at the back of the banner before punching the grommet hole. This prevents the grommet from ripping the banner.